Frequenty Asked Questions

Q: How do I know if I'm choosing a therapist that's right for me?


A: Seeking a therapist and wondering whom to choose can be overwhelming. I know there are a lot of factors when you're considering a therapist. You may be wondering what my experience and education is with regards to your unique and particular issues, or how well we'll connect. You may have other concerns as well--and I welcome your questions. For more information about how psychotherapy and counseling can be helpful, give me a call and we'll set up a free brief consultation and we'll decide together if we're a good match for each other.


Therapists and approaches to therapy are certainly not "one size fits all." All are unique, it's important to find someone that you feel comfortable with. Remember, you're a consumer, it's okay to ask questions about the therapist's approach to therapy, education, and any other questions you have. There's just a certain "click" that you'll feel when it's a good match. Here's a wonderful article written by Tom Moon on finding the right therapist. Click here to read it.

Q: How long will therapy take?


A: Length of time in therapy is dependent on many factors. Some clients prefer a brief, solution-focused approach to therapy which may only take a few sessions. Some clients begin working on a brief issue, and as they progress through therapy discover deeper, aged issues which may take up to a year or possibly more to process. A popular way to view therapy is like exploring various cloves of garlic as we learn about various parts to yourself; this exploration moves at your pace.


Q: Do you take insurance?


A: Click here to learn more about fees and insurance.

Q: How can I access my billing documents such as invoices, superbills and tax information?


A: All the documents you may need are easily accessed on a secure, encrypted Client Portal by Simple Practice. Click here to log in.

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